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Save our race. Know the truth.

The Anti-Dolphin Organization is committed to informing others of the dolphin threat. Humans all around the world must unite to withstand the dolphin's corruptive ways. So we urge you to save our race by knowing the truth. Thank you.


The Antidolphin League

The Antidolphin League

On July 9th 2004, the ADO received a message from Jonty Barton, Commander In Chief of the UK Antidolphin League Operations. He had this to say:

"Good to see that you are working to fight the menace on the other side of the Atlantic scumpool from us here in the UK. Let me introduce myself. I am BROAD JONTY Commander In Chief of the ADL's military wing. We are an international organisation dedicated to the total eradication of the dolphin menace from the seas and now sadly the land of our beautiful world. It fills my human heart with joy to see you both working hard on the cause. I know all too well that this war has claimed many lives - and there will be many more colleagues left torn and drowned before it is over. When I look at the satellite images of our planet from space and see those wretched blue oceans with their un-disciplined waves and ripples all over them, it makes me reach for the bleach. I can smell the dolphin, even in a photo, and a squirt of bleach on my top lip helps keep the stench of their rotting fishy flesh at bay. I am co-ordinating many top secret missions in [INFORMATION REMOVED], and we are definately driving them back. If you have any need of our support in a crisis I will happily send as many troops, ships and submarines as I can. Only by co-operation can we crush this excrement in flippered form."

It's nice to see progress and have resources of a navy at our disposal! Though, let me reiterate, we do not condone the killing of dolphins unless they attack first.

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The organization has now severed its connection to the htmlGear Guestbook, now we have our own!

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Site Changes

Well, I've updated the site... modernized it, so to speak. Give me some feedback on what ya think. Thanks! returns from the dead!

I would like to thank for hosting this site. We must fight the dolphin menace no matter the cost and I appriciate all that they have done for the organization!

The site is a bit out of date and needs some cleaning though.

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