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Save our race. Know the truth.

The Anti-Dolphin Organization is committed to informing others of the dolphin threat. Humans all around the world must unite to withstand the dolphin's corruptive ways. So we urge you to save our race by knowing the truth. Thank you.



It has just come to our attention that killer whales and dolphins are breeding! What does this mean? Are dolphins attempting to bulk up by interbreeding with killer whales?

Check it out:
CNN: It's a girl: Baby born to whale-dolphin
Yahoo! News: Whale-Dolphin Hybrid Has Baby Wholphin

The ADO thanks slap17 and crzyjoe5 for alerting us of this startling discovery.

Thanks to SwitchedOn Show

In episode #7 of The Switched On Show recognized the importance of incorporating Tuna-Safe Dolphin into a well-balanced diet. They know the importance of protecting the Tuna population and of combatting the dolphin menace. We also truly appreciate the publicity that they have provided in episode #8, it was a real joy to hear the truth of the anti-dolphin message coming from others. We at the ADO salute you! Check out the link at

The Anti-Dolphin Store Now Open!

The Anti-Dolphin Store Now Open!

Ever since the Anti-Dolphin Organization was founded, people kept asking us for Anti-Dolphin shirts. Well, today I'd like to announce the opening of the Anti-Dolphin Organization Store! It features anti-dolphin-themed shirts, hats, stickers, buttons, and more!


Anti-Dolphin Activism

The Anti-Dolphin Organization would like to thank Christopher Reed for his recent anti-dolphin activism at the EKU Danville Campus. He posted Anti-Dolphin posters all around the campus to inform others of the dolphin threat.

You can do the same too! Just click the propaganda button for all the materials.

Soon you'll be able to wear your support...

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